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Auto & Trucks
1. Finding Classic Auto Parts
    If you finally got the classic car of your dream, finding the car parts for it is will be a hard task. Classic car parts are hard to come by because they are no longer in production, they donít make the parts for them anymore. But that doesnít mean they canít be found. One place to start looking would be online auction sites. For example, Ebay might be the easiest pla .....
Author: Jenna Simpson
Date Posted: June 28, 2006

2. Hydrogen Filling Station Approved for Mazda
  Mazda Motor Corporation has received authorization from the Japanese government to operate a hydrogen-gas filling station near its Hiroshima headquarters. The station stores and supplies fuel to Mazda vehicles powered by hydrogen rotary engines; the vehicles are currently under development. The station should be able to fill up to 10 vehicles a day. The RX-8 Hydrogen Rotary v .....
Author: Jenny McLane
Date Posted: Aug 19, 2005

3. How To Find Low Cost Auto Parts, At The Right Price!
  Whether itís for your 4-year-old Chevy minivan, or the vintage Dodge Charger you have underneath the canvas in your shop, finding auto parts that donít cost you a fortune might be a tough task. Auto wreckers, E-bay, parts locators Ė these are all valid ways to try to find the auto part you need, at the price you want to pay. For newer vehicles, you might be inclined to pay full .....
Author: Rob Goyette
Date Posted: Aug 19, 2005

4. Test Driving Your Car
  Getting a new car thrills and excites. Sometimes itís easy to get carried away in our initial response to a car. No matter how much you like a certain vehicle, take it for a long, serious test drive. You should first plan on spending as long as possible on your test drive. Fifteen minutes isnít enough time. You want to thoroughly examine the car and definitely have a mechanic c .....
Author: Tim Henry
Date Posted: Aug 19, 2005

5. Buying A Used Car - The Wise Way!
  I have always purchased my cars used. And each time, I got a great deal. Don't think I counted on luck, though - no siree. There are a few "musts" for making sure you don't end up drinking "lemon"-ade. Spending a little time now may save you serious money later. Check Consumer Reports on the safest cars out there. Looks are one thing, but don't ignore safety. Go to .....
Author: Ryan Larson
Date Posted: Aug 19, 2005

6. Thereís No Problem Getting Texas Auto Insurance in Texas
  Everything is big in Texas and so it is with Texas auto insurance. You will have a tough time driving in Texas if your car is uninsured. Youíll have to have Texas auto insurance to be able to obtain or renew a licence or licence plates for your vehicle and your vehicle must be inspected. Always have proof of insurance and your driverís licence with you at all times. This is the .....
Author: Peter Crump
Date Posted: Aug 19, 2005

7. Why Bother With Farmers Auto Insurance?
  Farmers auto insurance is a very large insurance company that offers all types of coverage including car insurance. The insurance policies cover many things concerning insurance on vehicles. There are many different types of auto insurance coverage such as collision, comprehensive, deductible and a wide variety that goes on and on. Farmers auto insurance company covers it all c .....
Author: Peter Crump
Date Posted: Aug 19, 2005

8. Get To Know Auto Insurance California Style
  When purchasing auto insurance, California has some stipulations regarding the coverage of its drivers. The purpose of this, of course, is that everyone is expected to be responsible in a case of an accident and this removes any irresponsible drivers from the highway. You have to have auto insurance Ė California state laws demand it.We all know that auto insurance can be pricy, .....
Author: Peter Crump
Date Posted: Aug 19, 2005

9. Car Insurance Online Quotes - No Fuss
Author: Peter Crump
Date Posted: Aug 19, 2005

10. Apple's iPod for Mercedes-Benz
  In May 2005, the Apple iPod Interface Kit will be integrated in its passenger cars. Mercedes-Benz is set to become the first car manufacturer to integrate the Apple iPod. The user-friendly system, developed by Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH, will be introduced in the European market initially for the new B-Class. By July, it will be available for the A-Class, C-Class, E-Class, .....
Author: Jenny McLane
Date Posted: Aug 19, 2005

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