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1. How To Get Homework Done
  Why do teachers give out homework when all it does for many children and their families is cause stress? Does your child's homework cause you both stress every time it must be done? Is your child fighting you when you try to get him do his homework? You are not alone. “Why do teachers give out homework?” is a question children frequently ask as a way of justifying their re .....
Author: John Edmond
Date Posted: June 30, 2006

2. Should You Just Let Your Children Be Creative?
  Kids are weird. Watch them playing and try to tell me differently. I recently found my daughters happily ‘polishing’ their wooden play set with hand soap and conditioner. When asked what they were doing they said they were turning it into a rock museum and that it needed sprucing up. Adora, my eight year old, likes to think that our back deck is actually a pirate ship called ‘T .....
Author: Joyce Svitak
Date Posted: June 30, 2006

3. Parents Provide Biggest Role In Success Of Children
  In a world where we, as adults, are stressed to the maximum, it makes sense that our children are also living very demanding lives. With most jobs requiring a college degree, the pressure to succeed is more prominent than ever. Children with such disabilities as ADD or ADHD may feel particularly bombarded by stress and anxiety. Even children who do not suffer from neurologica .....
Author: Jeannine Virtue
Date Posted: June 30, 2006

4. Am I Hurting My Child By Staying Home?
  It's something many stay at home moms fear, that they are hurting their child socially by not putting them in daycare or doing a million activities with them from the time they are born. But it's not something you need to worry too much about, so long as your children do get some social time. Infants, of course, don't really play with each other, so that early in t .....
Author: Stephanie Foster
Date Posted: June 30, 2006

5. The Crucial Role Of The New DAD
  Loving and caring for our babies is the most important thing we can do. Our babies of today are the adolescents of tomorrow, who will grow up to be the adults who influence the world we live in. It is when they are a baby, that we lay the foundation of who they will become. When a baby is first born, the brain is developing at a rapid rate. It is at this time that you teach y .....
Author: Rosslyn Vroom
Date Posted: Aug 12, 2005

6. Your Newborn and Reflexes
  Newborn and Reflexes (General Information for new parents – always consult your Health Care Professional if you have concerns about your baby) The most magical part of your baby is watching them – watching them watching you!!! and responding to you, as you teach them about their new world!!! This is so special … as you and your baby learn to communicate …. as you respond to .....
Author: Rosslyn Vroom
Date Posted: Aug 12, 2005

7. Most Parents Are Not Idiots Or Negligent — So Why Do We Need Compulsory-Attendance Laws?
  Why do we need compulsory-attendance laws? Why compel parents to send their children to public schools? Wouldn’t parents naturally educate their children without compulsion? Human nature and history prove this to be the case. All over the world, parents push to educate their children, with or without public schools. In Japan, school is compulsory only up to the equivalent of .....
Author: Joel Turtel
Date Posted: Aug 12, 2005

8. Homeschooling — Is It Worth It?
  Suppose that you rearrange your life to homeschool your child and the experiment fails? You may feel that you’ve disrupted your life and wasted a year of your child’s time. Your child may even be kept back a grade by the local public school. The answer to this concern is, can you risk not trying? Isn’t your child’s future worth the risk? If you see that your child is getting .....
Author: Joel Turtel
Date Posted: Aug 12, 2005

9. Homeschooling — Can I Do It?
  Many parents would like to homeschool their children but are afraid they don’t have the training or ability to be their children’s teacher. This is certainly understandable, because many parents never had any formal training to be a teacher. However, most parents don’t have to worry about this issue. There is literally a supermarket of education resources available for parent .....
Author: Joel Turtel
Date Posted: Aug 12, 2005

10. Parents — The No Child Left Behind Law Won’t Do Much For Your Child
  Past experience with federal education programs predicts that the No Child Left Behind act (NCLB) will also fail parents whose children are doing poorly in school. The federal government has spent over $120 billion on Title 1 programs for low-income students since 1965. Yet the literacy rates for these children today are appalling and the achievement gap between low-income chil .....
Author: Joel Turtel
Date Posted: Aug 12, 2005

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