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Food & Drink
1. Easy Summer Grilling Success
   Summer evenings are so beautiful, you just need to move outside. Clean off the grill and prepare to enjoy these long leisurely evenings. Here are some tips to be sure your next barbeque is a success! 1. Heat the grill. If using charcoal, allow plenty of time for the coals to reach the proper temperature and be tinged with ash. Spread the coals out in an even layer. You ca .....
Author: Diane Watkins
Date Posted: June 29, 2006

2. Chris McCarthy
  When it comes to barbecuing, what could be more fun than whipping up sumptuous food on the grill in the company of family and friends? The thing of course is finding the right place for grilling and barbecuing. One favorite spot among true barbecue aficionados would be their very own backyard or outdoor kitchen with their own brick barbecue pit. Actually, any outdoor area is a .....
Author: BBQ Safety Tips
Date Posted: June 29, 2006

3. Lobster Q & A
  Are you interested in cooking lobster for yourself? Why only order lobster from a restaurant when you cook one for yourself at home? Here are some questions and answers that will help guide you in your plans of cooking a lobster. Q: Why must the lobster be alive when you cook it? A: Technically, you do not have to throw a live lobster into the pot to boil to death. But it is .....
Author: Anne Clarke
Date Posted: June 29, 2006

4. Fun Cake Toppers - Bring Your Cakes To Life
  Candles aren't the only thing you can put on your cake. You're going to want someone to take lots of pictures and shoot lots of video when you bring out your special cake because cake toppers magically bring your cakes to life with colorful and reusable pieces that will make your birthday child very happy. Imagine bringing out your cake and having everyone wanting to .....
Author: Mike Dougherty
Date Posted: June 29, 2006

5. Understanding Low Carb Diets
  With all of the conflicting studies and fuzzy interpretation of information, it's no wonder that confusion reigns when it comes to the value and safety of low-carb diets. It seems like heated debates are raging everywhere! Whether it's Atkins, the South Beach or some other low-carb plan, as many as 30 million Americans are following a low-carb diet. Advocates contend th .....
Author: Steve Wilcott
Date Posted: Aug 29, 2005

6. How To Make Sure You Are Buying The Best Prime Rib
  Six Ways to Make Sure you are Buying the Best Prime Rib Available The best grade of rib or any type of beef is of course prime grade. The problem comes in when trying to buy prime grade beef, there is only 20 percent of prime grade beef in America cut and most of this grade of beef finds its way to those fancy restaurants. Some prime rib can be found in your local grocery stor .....
Author: Hans Dekker
Date Posted: Aug 23, 2005

7. Bourbon BBQ Sauce
  If you are seeking a very unique flavored bbq sauce for your next barbeque then you must try bourbon bbq sauce. This is a very unique sauce that only you will know the secret ingredient. The most popular bourbon bbq sauce needs the following items to prepare, Ĺ to ĺ cup of your favorite bourbon, Ĺ cup of chopped onions, 4 minced garlic gloves, 2 cups of ketchup, 1/3 cup of whi .....
Author: Hans Dekker
Date Posted: Aug 23, 2005

8. Cooking Instructions For Prime Rib Roast
  Have you been searching for cooking instructions for prime rib roast and still canít find a recipe that will give you the juicy and tender prime rib roast that you deserve? The reason may be that recipes only give you the basic ingredients for cooking and not the cooking instructions for prime rib roast. Letís start with cooking instructions for prime rib roast that begins lon .....
Author: Hans Dekker
Date Posted: Aug 23, 2005

9. Cooking Roast Prime Rib on the Grill
  Love the taste of prime rib? Love the taste of barbecue? You can combine them together for cooking roast prime rib on the grill. It takes a bit longer than hamburgers, but cooking roast prime rib on the grill gives you a fabulous roast that everyone enjoys. You need a lot of charcoal for cooking prime rib on the grill. The cooking time is about two hours so you need about 8 po .....
Author: Hans Dekker
Date Posted: Aug 23, 2005

10. Fresh Gourmet Coffee
  Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It's rich, full-bodied taste is a daily necessity to millions of people. Of course, coffee is not only loved for its taste. The caffeine kick is needed by many to start the day. But if you are a true coffee lover, fresh gourmet coffee has a taste that can't be beat. Luckily, it's easy to get a hit of fresh g .....
Author: Hans Dekker
Date Posted: Aug 23, 2005

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