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1. The Truth about Search Engine Optimization
  While the basics of Search Engine Optimization or SEO are pretty much textbook, it isn't the textbooks that you're competing with, it's the competition ... who within the most competative markets make it almost impossible to get to that search engine position of being number one. Discovering the Truth about Search Engine Optimization will require an analysis of ever .....
Author: Bobbie Grennier
Date Posted: Aug 22, 2005

2. Eight Ways To Write Better Instantly
  Is it possible to improve your writing instantly? The answer, happily, is “yes.” While researching a book on famous speeches and essays, I found eight easily correctable mistakes writers often make. Here they are…and how to correct them instantly. 1. UNFOCUSED SUBJECT – Focus on a single theme only. Every sentence and paragraph should reinforce that topic. 2. TOO LONG – A .....
Author: Rix Quinn
Date Posted: Aug 4, 2005

3. Subtle Writing Techniques of the Mystery Writer
  Here is the first of five articles taken from my lecture series, "Subtle Writing Techniques Used in Creating a Successful Mystery Novel." This series is designed to explain the working methods of the mystery/suspense writer, offering insight and understanding into the technical process of writing. Reading a good mystery novel is a lot like horseback riding. At times you’re ca .....
Author: Gerard F Bianco
Date Posted: Aug 4, 2005

4. 'Your Instinct is Your Life-blood,' says author.
  Fourteen thousand civilised people died when the tsunami hit Andaman Islands – five percent of the population – meanwhile a cannibal tribe, inhabiting the same island, hardly lost a life. And do you know what saved them – the earliest early-warning system known to man. When the Jarawa tribe saw jungle creatures performing a speedy mass exodus they decided they should peg it t .....
Author: Neil Millar
Date Posted: Aug 4, 2005

5. Five Secrets of Winning Book Proposals
  Working in the publishing industry comes with a high expectation, especially from complete strangers. After the causal ‘hello’ progresses to ‘what do you do,’ and my answer is ‘I am a publisher,’ the words, like fairy dust, work magic; and in the eyes of my conversation partner, I’m transformed into a glamorous Advice Goddess—would I mind reading this stranger’s book proposal? .....
Author: Melissa A Rosati
Date Posted: Aug 4, 2005

6. Le Poem De La Sweat
  I made a bad mistake a couple of weeks ago and got into a discussion about poetry with my good friend, Henry County Herald columnist Amy Eason. Amy likes poems, and was telling me all kinds of stuff about them in an effort to convince me that I should like them as well. She was fighting an uphill battle because I typically don’t like poetry at all, in fact, the only thing I can .....
Author: Ed Williams
Date Posted: Aug 4, 2005

7. I'm All Storied Out!
  One of the nicest and most frustrating parts of being a writer of stories is that when you’re out somewhere, people will come up and tell you stories - lots of them. I’ve actually been at book signings where people have come up and stood there for ten to fifteen minutes telling me some story of theirs. For them, it's fun, for me, it’s sometimes fun (dependent on the quality .....
Author: Ed Williams
Date Posted: Aug 4, 2005

8. Spoken and Written English
  The English of speech tends to be different from the English of writing some fairly obvious ways. For instance: We have time to plan our message in writing, but that is not possible while using the spoken form of English. We often use words like Well, You see etc in speech. But in writing we tend to avoid these. These kind of words and phrases add little facts , but t .....
Author: Samir K. Dash
Date Posted: Aug 4, 2005

9. The Change in Communication: the Cyber effect
  The growing technology has become both a challenge and solution in the field of communication through language. I say this because, recent developments in the field of IT and telecom has brought a change that was never thought of by the guardians of the English language of the past. The focusing point here is that the use of internet, chat, e-mails and mobile SMS and MMS has br .....
Author: Samir K. Dash
Date Posted: Aug 4, 2005

10. Standards of English
  From the history of English language it is clear that good English has the tendency to vary from time to time, from area to area and from one social group to another. And these variations can be generalized according to two types – i) Standard English ii) Non-standard English . Sometimes we also distinguish between the accepted and non-accepted form of English. But these two wa .....
Author: Samir K. Dash
Date Posted: Aug 4, 2005

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