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Recreation & Sports
1. Understanding Paytables
  Knowing the paytables has nothing to do with becoming an expert but everything to do with making sure your money goes as far as possible. Here are a few ways to make paytables work for you ... VIDEO POKER 1. When choosing a video poker game, remember that different types of video poker have different paytables. This can have a big effect on the rules of a game and the best st .....
Author: Michal Sram
Date Posted: Sept 3, 2006

2. Discover the Truth about Comic Book Collection; Nerdy Geeks or Shrewd Investors?
  It is unbelievable when one says, yeah, I collect comic books, what the general public response might be? Oh no, a slightly off the wall geek. Here is someone who has lost touch with reality. Or someone that is in his or her own little world. I think not. Yes, comic book collectors may sometimes march to the beat of a different drummer, but who says we all have to be cut from t .....
Author: Dave Gieber
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

3. How to Read Slot Machines
  The first thing you need to do is to learn how to "Read" a machine by reading the pay out table before playing. We will now examine the information provided in the payout table. Firstly it will tell you the denomination of the coin needed to play that machine. For instance, I'm sure you have seen people drop a dollar into a machine that only accepts quarters, and than hav .....
Author: Ryan D
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

4. Finding The Perfect Pool Cue Case
  A quality billiard cue case is a necessity to keeping that valuable collector pool cue of yours in good shape. There's more than one quality that a person should be looking for when considering. These qualities may include, but are not limited to: heat and moisture protection, impact protection, aesthetics of the case itself, and whether or not it will carry shafts of a cus .....
Author: Philip Downen
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

5. Functional Exercise For Golf Warrants The Quickest Results
  Functional exercise for golf can mean different things to different golfers. But the key is to take a look at the golf swing mechanics and devise golf exercises, drills, and golf programs to strengthen weak or limited phases of the swing. Not every golfer has the same deficiency; and treating golfers this way is like “one-stop” shopping. This will result in failure. No improv .....
Author: Mike Pedersen
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

6. Golf Swing Tips That Really Work
  Great golf swing tips - enjoy! Do you know that a good golf swing has almost nothing to do with your arms? This is why practicing the No Arms drill makes perfect sense. Don’t forget to cock your wrists! This is more important than taking the golf club back straight—which is what everybody out there tells you. The experts will also tell you to let your left arm roll slightly .....
Author: Jonathan Berry
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

7. Gambling Events Basics
  Gambling has always been a tabooed subject in the middle class households because of the adverse sociological impacts. The great epics of the east include stories about the kings loosing their whole dynasties in the game of gambling. Thought he whole practice is scathed, but the charm of the game has not ended basically because of the quick rewards associated with it. It still .....
Author: Mansi gupta
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

8. Essential Power Walking Tips
  Ever since I took a power walking class in college, I have been hooked. If you are thinking about learning how to power walk, I strongly urge you to do so. It is fun and a great way to get in shape and stay healthy. Friends and family members can join in, and it ends up being a great way to bond as well. So, spend a little bit of time learning about power walking. You may find .....
Author: Marcy Jenkins
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

9. Some Tips On How To Find The Right Camcorder
  There are several things to consider at the time of choosing which camcorder to buy and which one best suits your needs. Many of these things or factors depend on each person's preferences and requirements, although some of them, due to their importance, should be considered by every buyer. Some of the first things a camcorder buyer should pay attention to are the ones re .....
Author: Jakob Jelling
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

10. Learn what CCDs are
  A CCD, or a Charge Coupled Device, is a microelectronic device used to capture digital images. CCDs can work with several other digital video devices such as scanners, digital cameras, camcorders, astronomical telescopes, robots, radar images and satellite photograph among many others. The origin of the CCD can be found in 1969 although it has not become widely popular until .....
Author: Jakob Jelling
Date Posted: Aug 5, 2005

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